Monday, January 23, 2012

Adventures with an AK

Over winter break I bought an AK47. Or more specifically, a Romanian WASR-10 imported in 2001 by CAI. Somebody derped hard when they drilled out the magwell, so the original magazine didn't fit. Thankfully the guys at On Target fixed it for free. It came with surprisingly nice wood furniture that most WASRs don't have, so I didn't mind paying $500 for a $450 gun. Since we're out in the backwoods of Michigan, we didn't need to go to a range. In about two hours, we shot through 200 premium Russian surplus rounds, and that was trying to shoot conservatively. Of course, once or twice I had to see how quickly I could empty a clip just for the hell of it, though I'd only load about 10 in there.

I started taking it on my moonlight walks through the grapepatch in the Back 40. On my last few days there, it snowed, was sunny during the day and very cold at night. Everything froze over again, and was sparkling in the moonlight. There were no clouds, no sounds when I'd go out and walk, and it almost felt like time was frozen. I thought it quite a fitting scenario for alien hunting.


Dat slavshit

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